Battle Of Tigris

In the fall of 2014,The nation wakes up to a nightmare! where a group of barbaric insurgents attempts to take over the country, the indigenous land of an ancient civilization. The civilization of Mesopotamia, THE CRADLE OF CIVILIZATION.

Participants from all across the world including the international community stood side-by-side to eliminate this vicious cause of injustices executed by such monsters.

However, you are obliged to remember that you were the only reason behind this elimination. It was you, your loved ones, the brave ones, the courageous people of this special nation.

A special nation which hosts different ethnicities and religions. You are Arab, You are Kurdish, You are Turkeman, You are Yezidi, You are Caldanian, Assyrian, and Syriac and finally You are Iraqi!

Now continue to secure the future the nation of these people, in the Battle of Tigris!

Battle Of Tigris

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